Sorabji’s Toccata seconda CD released this month

My first album, a double CD with the world premiere recording of the work Toccata seconda per pianoforte by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji (1892-1988) is being released this month by Piano Classics. This is one of the most beautiful, accessible works by this enigmatic composer and a perfect introduction to his music. More info at the Piano Classics website here.

Sorabji was a remarkably original, extremely prolific composer. He devoted most of his relatively uneventful life to the creation of an extraordinary set of works, among which are some of the longest, most complex, most exhuberant compositions ever written for the piano. Most of his music remained almost unknown until its rediscovery in recent decades. In his compositions Sorabji combines a very personal approach to the Western classical musical tradition with elements related to Eastern music (abundance of detail, rhythmic intricacy, melodic freedom); unheard-of challenges for the performer with sonorities of extreme delicacy.

The CD will be sold by Amazon and other sites. If you are in the Madrid area and wish to have a signed copy you may come to the CD launch event, where I will give a short talk about the composer and perform some fragments from Toccata seconda. The CD launch will be at PianoLab, at the Hinves Pianos store (Calle Fuenterrabía, 4, Madrid) on Saturday, May 9, 11 am (time pending confirmation). Attendance is free while seats last but reservations must be made in advance at the PianoLab website when the event is announced there. (In principle it is also possible to register in person just before the event but there may be no seats left, as it is a small venue.) I will post a more detailed announcement of this event later on when all details are confirmed.